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Swimming pool restorationThis week our team is performing a  swimming pool full restoration.

The damage on the surface of the stone, in this particular situation, was caused by the improper mixture of calcium anion and chloride in water. If you have an old or damaged swimming pool as described above, or have just moved to a house with a pool that has seen better days, our team can restore it to its former glory without the expense of rebuilding.

In the first phase, we’re using a revolutionary system, which is free of dust and easy to work with. With this tool, we’re removing the stone damage, by grinding the stone about 2-3 mm from the top.

The sealant is ‘high solids’ material, so it must be applied uniformly and worked over smoothly as unevenness do not disappear as with lower solid materials. Also, the advantage of using rollers to the application is the mechanical mixing that occurs at the surface, giving extra security against dust causing weak adhesion by effectively stirring the sealant on the surface.

The swimming pool seal will be customised in such way, to ensure the maximum protection to the stone.

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