Marble Restoration

Many homeowners don’t realise that their marble floors or worktops can be restored to their original condition, even after years of use.

Restoration of natural stone involves having our experienced stone care specialists come in, to perform a cleaning process including diamond cutting and polishing to remove scratches.

This can only be achieved by using a series of different grade diamond grits, used in a specific order. Any incorrect methods and processes can completely ruin your marble or natural stone floor.

Natural stone restoration is much more cost effective than the replacement of the stone

Natural stone restoration also saves more time than the replacement of this.

Marble Restoration Services

Marble Restoration

Marble Chips & Cracks Repair

Marble Strip & Seal

Marble Grout Cleaning

Marble Honing

Marble Light Polishing


Why should I restore my stone floor?

Amongst the extra common factors are: maintain an attractive look, protect the significant investment in your marble floor, a much healthier and safer living environment, preventing further damage to your property, boosted residential or commercial property value and satisfaction.

How long does an average job take?
Most of our residential jobs can be finished in a couple of days. However, as we are a full-service marble stone flooring repair contractor, there are some larger scale tasks that may take several days to finish.

In every situation, our price quote will reflect the anticipated timescale for the job.

What is the average cost to restore a marble stone?
Our estimates/quotes are free of charge.
There are various levels of service and costs for restoring stone floors.
The service level will be dependent upon the condition of the floor.
The levels range from a general stone clean and seal, to full stone floor restoration by grinding the surface off with diamond disks, and polishing to restore the smoothness, shine and appearance of the surface.
In general, it can vary from a few hundred pounds to thousands of pounds for a larger scale job.
What can I expect from a marble stone restoration estimate/quote?
The precise information of any price quote will depend on the kind of stone you have and the level of damage, the area, as well as the traffic conditions.

Nevertheless, any kind of marble stone restoration quote needs to be in writing as well as offer a clear declaration of the state of your marble stone, a clear explanation of the job had to be done to restore your stone to the desired condition, and a fixed price for the job.

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Watch Marble floor restoration steps:

Grinding metal bond diamond

Diamond polishing

Polishing powder

Wax the marble floor

Make Sure To Hire Marble Polishing Professionals

Quality marble restoration needs experience, training and the right tools.

Errors are costly, so obtaining the marble polishing right the first time is critical.

Most of the times, marble floors must be re-polished and sealed on an annual basis

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