Chips & Cracks Repair process

Various methods are used to carry out chips & cracks repair, on either natural stone or man made stone.

A few good examples are polyester adhesives, resin and solid wax, although there are many variations of these available.
We offer cleaning and full restoration services for Marble worktops, Granite worktops, Quartz worktops including chip repairs and UV repairs.

Few steps are very important on this process:

-Cleaning properly the crack/hole

Also it should be treated with strong cleaner and wax remover, otherwise the filling material doesn’t stick.

-Filling process: can be used a polyester glue, epoxy resin or resin dry by UV lamp

-The UV repair process is very efficient on granite repair, it will blend very well the granite, inside chips.

-After the repair process, the repaired area will be polished with different abrasive diamonds and powder polishing product.

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