Stone restoration and polishing

Stone restoration and polishing usually are accomplished using super-fine abrasive powders polishing.

Also, can be achieved with super-fine diamond abrasive discs or polishing pads. The process is suitable for marble, terrazzo and granite floor restoration.

During stone restoration and polishing, a microscopic layer is removed from the surface of the floor. This can only be achieved by using a series of different grade diamond grits, used in the correct order.

Our recommendation is, only a qualified and experienced crafts-person in polishing should carry out this process. Any incorrect methods and processes can completely ruin your marble or natural stone floor.

Honing is the process of smoothing the stone with the use of abrasives. Although, not as aggressive as grinding, it does require the use of water and can be quite messy.

Honing is performed to remove scratches, but will not remove lippage (uneven tiles). It can, however, round the edge of the stone, giving it a smoother edge.

The honing process is achieved with the use of diamond abrasives. Honing can leave a stone floor with very little shine, although some stones will acquire a satin-like lustre with very high honours.