Terrazzo Restoration

Terrazzo is a hard-wearing flooring made from a combination of marble chips mixed into a binding material, usually used in supermarkets, commercial buildings, airports, industrial buildings and homes.

In time many terrazzo floors will became scratched or stained, as a result the floor will become porous and the surface of it will look dull and dirty.

In this situation, you will need special equipment and knowledge about cleaning and restoring terrazzo, in order to remove the ingrained dirt without damaging your floor.

No to mention if your floor is uneven or severely damaged, then your only option is terrazzo floor restoration.

During this process, your floor will be ground down to remove the damaged surface, then honed, polished and re-sealed, leaving a beautiful new surface.

Our company specializes in Terrazzo restoration and polishing. Stone Rescue can restore your terrazzo floors using resurfacers, diamond abrasives, polishing material and sealers to refinish terrazzo floors back to that original polished natural gloss.

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Terrazzo Restoration

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Why should I restore my stone floor?
Amongst the extra common factors are: maintain an attractive look, protect the significant investment in your terrazzo floor, a much healthier and safer living environment, preventing further damage to your property, boosted residential or commercial property value and satisfaction.
How long does an average job take?
Most of our residential jobs can be finished in a couple of days. However, as we are a full-service marble stone flooring repair contractor, there are some larger scale tasks that may take several days to finish.

In every situation, our price quote will reflect the anticipated timescale for the job.

What is the average cost to restore a terrazzo stone?
Our estimates/quotes are free of charge.
There are various levels of service and costs for restoring terrazzo floors.
The service level will be dependent upon the condition of the floor.
The levels range from a general stone clean and seal, to full stone floor restoration by grinding the surface off with diamond disks, and polishing to restore the smoothness, shine and appearance of the surface.
In general, it can vary from a few hundred pounds to thousands of pounds for a larger scale job.
What is the maintenance procedure for polished terrazzo floors?
One of the greatest benefits of terrazzo restoration is the maintenance. Unlike the initial refinishing, maintenance re-polishing is done only in high traffic areas at a fraction of the cost of restoration. Proper maintenance by a stone professional is the most important part of keeping your floor looking its best and
protecting the investment of your initial restoration.
What can I expect from a tarrazzo stone restoration estimate/quote?
The precise information of any price quote will depend on the kind of stone you have and the level of damage, the area, as well as the traffic conditions.

Nevertheless, any kind of terrazzo stone restoration quote needs to be in writing as well as offer a clear declaration of the state of your terrazzo stone, a clear explanation of the job had to be done to restore your stone to the desired condition, and a fixed price for the job.

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Restoration of terrazzo requires experienced stone care specialists, to perform a proper cleaning process including diamond cutting and polishing to remove scratches.

Small imperfections can be polished and filled to an invisible finish. If the terrazzo damage is at a larger scale, the best option is a surface grinding and polishing.

Terrazzo floors are often damaged by removing nails from carpet tack strips causing large holes in the floor. Removing linoleum, vinyl and ceramic tile can also cause chips and pitting throughout the terrazzo. It is always best to hire a professional to remove the covering from the terrazzo.

Repairing holes, chips, and cracks in terrazzo floors is one of the most difficult parts of terrazzo restoration. We carefully color tint an epoxy which we use for chips and small holes. This color-tinted epoxy is also combined with closely-matching marble chips to create our terrazzo patching material for larger holes.

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