Patio cleaning

Perhaps you’ve recently moved into a property and want it to look as good as new, or maybe you’ve got a business location and you really want to show your customers that you take care of your premises.

Whatever the reasons for needing a jet cleaning service, we know we can make all the difference. Not only does it show customers or visitors that you’ve taken the time to look after your property, but it also reflects well on you as an individual.

Someone that takes care of a location is likely to be someone who is professional, accomplished and efficient. Maybe they would perceive it as an indication of the service they might receive from you.


Jet wash cleaning services


Our jet washing service is also used in a wide range of industrial applications, including the servicing of tanks and receptacles. We use specialist types of equipment to complete paint stripping, degreasing, and the removal of oil and diesel stains from walkways at industrial and commercial units.


We don’t just deal with regular dirt and grime, if you’re unfortunate enough to suffer a fire or flood, we can provide a cost-effective jet wash to ensure your property is restored to its usual state in as little time as possible.


We can carry out our work “out of hours” so there is minimal disruption to your clients, family members or visitors.


Hire a jet cleaning service in London whether you are a landlord, leasing agent, householder or even part of an agency. 

Patio Cleaning

As part of our pressure washing service, we remove dirt and grime from:




Paving (crazy paving, block paving, stone paving)






Brick walls




Imprinted concrete


Garden furniture


Mind you, sometimes whilst pressure washing, the drainage can get clogged with mud and grime.

The professionals do however have the proper tools to unclog it, if necessary. If your drainage has been clogged beforehand, let our customer service staff know, prior to the service.

We will most likely be able to unclog it and then proceed with the pressure cleaning of your London patio.

Before & After

Using us comes with the following benefits:


Price based on the size of the area you want cleaned

  • Let us know in advance how big the area that we need to pressure clean
  • Gardening furniture is a separate entity and if requested can be done for an extra charge;
  • For higher efficiency, we can send two specialists;

No chemicals used

  •  The professionals we work with only use hot water when cleaning hard surfaces
  • Additional equipment and tools are brought just in case (leaf blowers, trimmers, rakes, weeding tools, and other)
  • The technicians also bring different types of nozzles, which can fit any water source


  • The jet washing service can be performed even on on bank holidays and weekends

Special prices

  • When you combine our pressure washing service with garden maintenance, lawn repair, garden clean up, or gutter cleaning
  • Patio repair is also something we have you covered for, as part of our landscaping service.




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