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Sanding & polishing wood floor

The sanding & polishing wood floor process is the most comprehensive process for wood floor and involving full restoration of the wood floor. There are 4 stages:

-sanding process- remove from the top surface 2-5 mm (remove lippage and deep scratch),

-fill the gaps, cracks or holes with wood filler or epoxidic resin,

-polishing process- involving remove all the scratch from sanding process and prepare floor for protection stage,

-protection process- in this stage, according to the client preference, we can stain or/and apply the floor protection

Note: we offer 3 types of main protection: oil, varnish/ lacquer and solvent based sealant.

        Special for schools corridors and classroom we can use oil based protection resistant to heavy duty traffic. For sporthall we can offer option of protect the wood floor with flexible lacquer (ideal for basketball floating floor).

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