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Stone Rescue

have experts in stone restoration and the maintenance of all types of natural, man-made and ceramic stone floors.
Our experienced stone care specialists, are trained to carry out a vast variety of stone restoration treatments such as cleaning, grinding, polishing, honing, crystalizing and sealing. In this way, the natural appearance of the stone can be restored and maintained.

Our commitment:

  • Insurance level: our insurance is cover if one of our technicians damage something accidentally in the property (public liability) and/or damage the worktop/worktop/wall during the restoration process (property being worked upon cover)
  • Upon job completion we’ll offer a cleaning and maintenance recommendations along with free cleaning and maintenance products.
  • From 1st November 2020, we’ll sanitize the working place with UVC lamp. The sanitization will be taken in place before we start the project and after the restoration process.

Our approach

We’ll survey each flooring surface in your sites to provide recommendations and suggested frequencies for maintaining the flooring.

We will work alongside the daily cleaning teams to ensure that the flooring is kept in the best condition and advise on any products to be used in daily maintenance.

Before and After


“Excellent service really efficient and helpful. Good communication. Repaired a crack in a tile and it could not be seen after.”


Anita Levinsohn

“Thanks for all you help, great service and good for us to have someone who does this type of work.”


Chris Henry, London

“Hi, thank you for the brilliant work your colleagues have done on my shop floor (terrazzo floor).”


Nadeem, Birmingham

“Just to say that I’m back from my holidays and I’m delighted with the work your guys did! I am very grateful for all your patience, persistence and worked v hard in making it all happen so many thanks for that.



Mark from Dover

Stone Rescue Group

The Stone Rescue Group comprises a number of stone floor restoration companies working together to give excellent value and service.

For a full range of services please feel free to visit our Stone Rescue Group website

Our values

Stone Restoration and The Environmental Commitment:

A Case for CO2 Reduction and Sustainability

The world of stone restoration has always walked a delicate balance between preserving the beauty of nature and the necessities of commerce. As concerns about environmental sustainability grow, it’s crucial that businesses in this industry make choices that align with both the future of our planet and the future of stone.

Here are some key considerations for stone restoration companies aiming to reduce their environmental footprint.

Stone Rescue Values

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