Berkshire, UK

Description: Composite/ Silestone restore

Surface: Composite / Silestone

Follow the procedure indicated below to remove etching marks and scratches from composite or Silestone surfaces.

Begin by thoroughly cleaning the entire surface to eliminate any grime, debris, or stains. Utilise a gentle detergent or stone cleaner along with a soft cloth or sponge to scrub the surface gingerly. Rinse with clean water and thoroughly cleanse the area.

Determine the severity of the blemishes: Determine the profundity of the etchings and scratches by examining their appearance. If the scratches are superficial or minor, you can endeavour to remove them with less abrasive techniques. Deeper wounds may necessitate more extensive treatment or professional assistance.

If the etching traces or scratches are more obvious, you can use a moderately abrasive technique. Utilising a polishing compound designed specifically for stone surfaces is one option. Apply a small amount of the substance to the afflicted area and buff it with a clean, soft cloth in a circular motion. Follow the product’s instructions precisely and avoid applying excessive force. Rinse the surface thoroughly.

Deep scrapes or extensive etching: If the scratches are deep or the etching is severe, it may be advisable to seek professional assistance. Consult a specialist in stone restoration who can assess the damage and offer appropriate solutions. To restore the surface to its original condition, we may use diamond abrasives or other advanced techniques.

After removing the etching marks and blemishes, prevent future damage by taking preventative measures. Use coasters or placemats beneath glasses, avoid positioning hot objects directly on the surface, and work with cutting boards when handling sharp objects. Clean and maintain the surface in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Before applying any cleaning or restoration method to the entire surface, it is essential to conduct a test on a tiny, inconspicuous area, as each surface and circumstance is unique.