Surface: Marble and Granite floor
Services: Stone restoration

Location: King’s Road, London

Description:  One of the most difficult floors to restore is marble (white Carrara) and black granite (black Zimbabwe). Marble is a rather soft substance, and granite is one of the hardest stones to work with. Still, no one makes stone accessories that are compatible with both marble and granite for use.

Nevertheless, our professionals meticulously ground down the floor to eliminate certain surface scratches, repairs damages caused by previous contractors’ unsuccessful attempts at polishing the floor, and restore its surface gloss.

Following the floor’s natural polishing with water and synthetic diamonds in a variety of compounds and grits, an impregnator sealer is used to protect it from “light” stains.

Lastly, the shine has been restored using only ‘natural’ products like water and diamonds “artificial” rather than chemicals, which can cause structural damage to the stone and give it a ‘plastic’ appearance.

Before & After