Shopping mall, Central London


Services include the restoration of 2,500 square meters of white terrazzo floor in one of the most recognisable commercial areas in London. The floor was ground down by an average of three millimeters so that it could be leveled, and then it was polished with resin-bonded diamonds until they had a smooth surface. 

In order to be in compliance with the Slip Test requirement that applies to the public areas, the floor was impregnated and sealed with a solvent-based impregnator sealant. 

Duration: despite the fact that we have a large machine that is capable of delivering approximately 200 m2 per shift, we were only allowed to use machinery that operates on 110 V. Despite this restriction, we were able to successfully finish the job in a period of time that was shorter than 8 weeks, despite the difficulty of the work. 

Maintenance: this will be done on a yearly basis (due to the heavy traffic), and it will consist of thoroughly cleaning the floor and topping off the sealant with a new coat of sealant.