Description: Restore terrazzo steps

Location: New Cavendish Street, London

Surface: Terrazzo steps
Services: Cleaning, restoration and sealing

Over time, terrazzo steps had become dull and stained, so the client decided to thoroughly clean and repair them. We used a combination of chemicals for extensive cleaning—high-pressure water, steam, colour-matching compound, crushed marble chips, and impregnator sealant—to complete the task.

Scrubbing the stairs

We began by sweeping the staircase to remove any loose grime and debris. Following the instructions on the product label, we then applied a chemical for thorough cleaning to the steps. We allowed the chemicals to settle for a few minutes before using a stiff brush to scrub the steps.

After scrubbing the steps, we thoroughly cleaned them with water from a high-pressure washer. The remaining grime and debris were then eliminated with a steam cleaner. We then mopped the steps with clean water to remove any chemical residue.

Restoring the stairs

After cleaning the steps, we inspected them for fissures and chips. Before sealing the steps, we decided to fix a few cracks and chips that we discovered.

To repair the cracks, a color-matching compound was used. We followed the instructions on the product label and then applied the compound to the gaps using a trowel. We ensured that the crevices were completely filled.

After the color-matching compound had dried, we sprinkled broken marble pieces over it. This allowed the repair to blend in with the surrounding terrazzo.

Sealing the steps

After repairing the fissures and chips, we were ready to seal the steps. We used an impregnator sealant, which penetrates terrazzo and protects it from stains and grime.

Using a roller and spray, we applied the sealant to the steps. We took care to apply the sealant evenly and prevent puddles on the steps. After allowing the sealant to cure thoroughly, the steps can be utilised.


After cleansing, repairing, and sealing, our terrazzo steps appeared as good as new. The steps were clean and gleaming, and the stains had vanished. We were extremely pleased with the outcomes.

Guidelines for washing and mending terrazzo stairs:

– Before applying cleansing chemicals or repair products to the entire staircase, test them in an inconspicuous area.
– Use caution when operating a high-pressure washer, as excessive pressure can damage terrazzo.
– Over-mixing the color-matching compound can make it difficult to apply.
– Apply the color-matching compound in thin layers, allowing each layer to fully dry before applying the next.
– Apply the impregnator sealant evenly, avoiding puddles, to the steps.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can clean, restore, and seal your terrazzo steps to preserve their appearance for many years.

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