Description: Revive bathroom countertops (marble and onyx)

Location: South London

Stone tops, also referred to as stone countertops, have acquired enormous popularity in interior design and home decor. Stone surfaces are frequently viewed as a long-term investment in both residential and commercial spaces due to their durability, elegance, and timelessness. 

However, even the most resilient stone surfaces can lose their lustre over time due to daily use. Various techniques exist for revitalising stone countertops and restoring them to their original attractiveness. 

Implications of Restoring Stone Tops: 

  • Over time, stone countertops can become dull, scratched, or soiled, diminishing their aesthetic appeal. 
  • Restoring them can restore their natural attractiveness and improve the space’s overall aesthetics. 
  • Stone surfaces are known for their resilience, but neglect and improper maintenance can result in damage or deterioration. 
  • By revitalising stone surfaces, their useful life can be prolonged, thereby eliminating the need for costly replacements. 


Before & After