Surface: Wood floor
Services: Sanding and oil wood floor

Location: Victoria Station, London

Description: Preparing the wood floor prior to applying oil finish requires some effort and the selection of the proper oil. An introductory overview is provided below:

In preparation:

We determine whether the floor requires a thorough sanding or a light cleansing to assess the damage. Oil wear and light scratches may be remedied with a simple cleansing and reapplication. Wood that has deeper scratches, uneven surfaces, or is extensively stained will require sanding.

Assemble Materials: Wood cleaner, sandpaper (varying grits to accommodate the extent of the damage), rags, drop cloths, paintbrushes or rollers, protective equipment (mask, goggles), mineral spirits (for exceptionally soiled surfaces), tack cloth, and oil finish (stain may be applied prior to oil to achieve colour).

Sanding and cleaning:

Light Cleaning: Utilise a wood floor cleaner designed specifically for oiled floors if the floor merely requires a refresh.
(2) Sanding: Sand the floor progressively, beginning with coarse grain sandpaper (approximately 36 grit) and progressing to finer grit (around 220 grit), for a more thorough restoration.

Application of Oil:

  1.  Post-sanding cleanup entails eliminating any residual sanding dust using a tack cloth and hoover, was necessary.
  2. Oil Selection: The client chooses option was Osmo Oil with wax and glossy finish.
  3. Buffing: Following 15 to 20 minutes, remove excess oil using a clean cloth in a direction perpendicular to the grain. There shouldn’t be any stickiness to the surface.
  4. In accordance with the oil and intended sheen, offer two to three thin coatings, ensuring that each coat fully dries prior to proceeding to the subsequent one.

Final notes:
Sustainable adequate ventilation throughout the procedure. It is imperative to properly dispose of oil-soaked cloths in a sealed metal container to prevent combustion.

For challenging restorations or extensive sanding requirements, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a professional floor restorer.

Before & After