Description: Sandstone blocks repair

Location: Central London Hotel

Surface: Sandstone blocks
Services: Cosmetic repairs

First impressions matter, and the entrance of a hotel sets the tone for a guest’s experience. Sandstone blocks with their aesthetic appeal and durability, are often chosen for high-traffic areas like hotel entrance steps. However, over time, these tiles can succumb to wear and tear, causing aesthetic and safety concerns. This innovative and efficient technique not only restored the tiles but also maintained the hotel’s inviting ambiance.

Step 1: Assessment and Preparation

Before commencing the cosmetic repair, a thorough assessment of the damaged sandstone blocks was necessary. We examined the extent of the damage, which included cracks, chips, and wear patterns, to plan the repair process effectively. Additionally, any loose or damaged tiles were identified and replaced to ensure a solid foundation for the repairs.

Step 2: Selection of Coloured Polyester Glue

To seamlessly blend the repaired blocks with the existing ones, it was imperative to select coloured polyester glue that closely matched the tile’s original colour and pattern. Polyester glue is an excellent choice for such repairs due to its adhesive strength and compatibility with porous materials. It also provides a smooth and durable finish.

Step 3: Repairing Cracks and Chips

Sandstone blocks are prone to cracks and chips, especially in high-traffic areas. We began the repair process by carefully filling in cracks and chips with the selected coloured polyester glue. The glue was skillfully applied to ensure a level and even surface. This not only improved the tiles’ appearance but also prevented further damage.

Step 4: Blending and Aesthetic Restoration

Achieving a seamless blend between the repaired tiles and the surrounding ones was a critical aspect of the project. To do this, our experienced technicians applied the coloured polyester glue with precision and artistry, mimicking the tile’s original pattern. They ensured that the repaired areas seamlessly matched the existing blocks, creating a cohesive and elegant look.

Step 5: Final Finishing and Quality Control

After applying the coloured polyester glue, our team meticulously smoothed the repaired areas, removing any excess glue and ensuring a uniform finish. Quality control measures were implemented to guarantee that the repaired tiles met the hotel’s standards for safety and aesthetics.


The cosmetic repair of ceramic tiles on the entrance steps of the hotel proved to be a transformative process. What was once a worn and uninviting entryway now boasts a revitalised and welcoming ambiance. The use of coloured polyester glue allowed us to repair and restore the blocks efficiently and effectively, while also preserving the hotel’s original design and charm.

This project serves as a testament to the importance of proactive maintenance in preserving the beauty and safety of high-traffic areas like hotel entrances. By taking the initiative to repair and restore sandstone surfaces , the hotel not only enhanced its aesthetic appeal but also ensured the safety and satisfaction of its guests.