Travertine floor restoration

Summing up Travertine tiles in one word would be: natural. Travertine tile is a natural material that has unique features that no other stone can offer.

The distinctive design of Travertine creates some of the most distinguished floor tiles. Travertine is ideal for commercial and residential use.

It can be used for floor tile, kitchen flooring, bathroom wall tile, bathroom floor tile, and it is often used externally. This explains why Travertine tiles are so popular and have been used for years for different jobs.

The stone is durable and resistant to temperature changes and is a good choice for homes with extreme temperature conditions. The stone comes in various colors and patterns. The most commonly used color is white.

The benefits of using Travertine tile include its versatility, durability, longevity, easy maintenance, and beautiful appearance.

If your travertine floor has dirty grout lines and ingrained soil, than you need a professional Travertine restoration company.

Our most recent interior Travertine restoration project carried out by our team, was in Campden Hill Road London area, restoring a Corridor floor, W/C floor, Kitchen floor and the Utility room floor.

The job was carried out by our professional technicians including the following services:


  • open and carry out around 25 tiles repairs – using colour polyester glue
  • clean and top-up the missing grout and light grind the floor area
  • diamond polish the floor area up top grit #400 (Rescue S Pads)
  • powder polish the floor area
  • wash and buff the stone
  • supply and apply water based sealant
  • inspect the floor and carry out snagging list (if needed)

For the flooring it is recommended that you clean the floor at least once a month to keep it in good condition. You should also use a soft bristle brush to remove the dust from the floor and wash the grout joints with warm water and soap.

If your Travertine floor tile needs to be replaced, or if you need to repair a damaged tile, then our professional technicians can fix any problem you may have with your Travertine tile. They can provide a professional service for all types of jobs including repairs, cleaning, polishing, sealing, re-grouting and more. The professionals can also advise you on the best way to clean your floor tiles. 

It was a great job that we managed to complete on time and within budget. We are looking forward to our next interior or exterior project!

To find out more about our services please contact us at 0 333 335 0513 or email us at [email protected].

Pictures before and after with the Travertine floor