Marble furniture tops restoration

One of the common inquiries Stone Rescue receives is for cracks/chips repair along the surface or front/back edge of the worktop/countertop.

Our most recent customer marble tops, had all around the edges chips and indentations, and all over the surface over the years, has been developed scratches with ingrained dirt.

So understandably, like many others, he did not want the mess or expense of replacing the marble, instead came to us for a repair and restoration service.

Customer request

As the marble stone surface is a popular trend in the decorating world, it is important to maintain the beautiful look of your marble surface by maintaining and restoring it.

Today, there are a few products on the market designed to remove stains and dirt from marble top. But, what if you want to not only clean, but also polish your marble top to prevent it from becoming dull and unattractive?

In this particular case, our customer request was to fix the tops with “invisible” repairs, than clean and protect the stone without losing the aged patina.


We deep clean/degrease the marble tops by removing the ingrained dirt and topical polish. After the deep cleaning process, the marble top chips and indentations have been filled up with colour match polyester glue.

After the repair excess has been removed,  we’ve polished the marble in a way to take the shape of the tops and have a similar shine. 
The next step in the restoration process, was to treat the tops with impregnator solvent-based sealant to enhance the beauty of the marble.

Finally the stone has been finished by coating with Carnauba Wax to provide a natural satin finish to the stone.(Carnauba wax is sourced from a plant in Brazil and known to give the most shine out of all the different kinds of natural waxes.) 


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